BENEFIT COSMETICS | Interactive Retail Installations

A series of show stopping, interactive experiences at The Dubai Mall

For its global launch of the new product Benefit’s They’re Real! Magnet Extreme Lengthening Mascara , Benefit took over the window and launch space at Sephora Dubai Mall. The iconic beauty brand approached StudioXAG in collaboration with Studio TISH to bring the product story to life and demonstrate the innovative magnetic technology in a way which is engaging, informative but also Covid-safe. It is also the first time that Benefit is using digital technology and AI to elevate a brick-and-mortar experience.

Customers first encounter a large-scale, 49.2-foot interactive window display housed within Sephora’s facade. A retro styled, powder pink lash factory tells a theatrical story of the product’s inception, showing the magnetic formula being extracted from the Earth’s core and being developed into mascara.

As customers approach the window, advanced AI tracking technology detects their movements. Suddenly, the customer is controlling the magnetic force emitted from the giant mascara wand. With the swish of an arm, magnetic forces flash across the window towards a giant set of eyelashes, which expand and lengthen in size with every streak of magnetic energy.

In-store, a pop-up experience immerses the customer in the lash factory through gamification, inspired by classic arcade claw machines. To avoid any physical contact, the game is controlled by a contactless infrared sensor which detects hand movements.

By simply waving their hands in mid-air, customers can operate an animated magnet to catch mascara bottles travelling across a conveyor belt. When they’ve collected enough bottles, they will receive a QR code to redeem a prize in store.

The experience will be live until March 18th 2021 at Sephora Dubai Mall.


Client: Benefit Cosmetics
Design Agency: Studio XAG
Technical Development: y=f(x) lab

Images & Pictures curtesy of Benefit Cosmetics