COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE | Interactive Data Painting

Interactive Data Painting BMW Brilliance factory, China

The generative artwork Collective Intelligence is using data from the color of BMW motor cars since 1960 until 2021 to create an LED canvas that explores the challenges and the possibilities we face in the digital age. The goal is to reveal the inner beauty of a global system where humans, technology, and data interact seamlessly and work together to create new driving experiences.

The dynamic artwork depicts the manufacturing and assembly process of a BMW car, in expressive and beautiful patterns of lines. It invites the visitors to the event “BMW Brilliance Digital Plant” in the BMW Shen Yang (China) factory to consider a poetic side of technical innovation. The artwork stretches the boundaries between nature and technology to spark conversations on the beauty of techno genesis – humans and machines working together as a unified dynamic system.

The installation is a sublime digital environment that confronts the viewer on a very elementary level with the dynamic process of BMW’s manufacturing journey. The artists reduced the process to the five manufacturing stages, shown in the form of lines, which then represent car parts as they go through the assembly process. The outcome is not a data visualisation, but instead a data-driven artwork, a painting of sorts, which illustrates a process of assembling a car, on an abstract and emotional level

Commissioned by Output, China
Creative Code & Development: y=f(x)