Itaú Cultural Institute | Circulatory System

Generative Data Installation

Instituto Itaú Cultural is a Brazilian not-for-profit cultural institute. It
holds the program Rumos for cultural research, which
commissioned this project.

Make a data sculpture that captures an instant of everything that is
happening in the earth’s atmosphere.

We created an installation informed by a generative software that
graphically visualizes in real time the world’s air traffic. The animation
projected on a globe depicted lines drawing the takeoff and arrival
points of all the planes on Earth.

Commissioned by: RUMOS Itaú Cultural, Brazil
Artist: Anaisa Franco
Producers: Yves Peitzner (Studio TISH) and Byron Mendes
Programmer: Henrique Perigo
Mapping: Lucca del Carlo and Ihon Yadoya/Rizomatique
Flight data: FlightAware