DIGITAL ECHO | Interactive Light & Sound Art Installation

Interactive 24 Channel Audiovisual Installation

In the digital era, communication is triggered by algorithmic impulses, which are beyond our control and develop their own grotesque, yet invisible momentum.

This spatial installation is a stage in which visitors play dual roles. As space reacts to humans – and humans to space – the spectacle that comes to life is mirroring the digital echo chamber, a phenomenon that came to life when digital and social media became dominant means of communication.

Architecture becomes present in the gaps between light and sound. It becomes a space of desire, located within the space of the exhibition, in which the spectator becomes at once actor, performer, interpreter, and translator.

Concept + Creative Direction: Yves Peitzner, mayer+empl
Sound Design: Ulrich Eck
Documentation: Martin Heck
Commissioned by: Jost Hurler Gruppe