DISTORTED VANITY | Interactive Audiovisual Performance

Interactive Audiovisual Art Performance

Who are you, really? What part of your appearance is projection, what part is content, and what part is a mask or packaging? To what extent do external influences distort or modify the self-image and thereby shape one’s vanity? This topic is projected by DISTORTED VANITY – like a picture puzzle between one’s authentic physical identity and the digital presentation and modification of one’s self-image.

Two dancers appear as protagonists, projection area or instruments. Generative projections abstract their bodies and are simultaneously distorted by the impact of the soundscapes, created by steel, self-made sound sculptures. Physical expression, sound, and visual representation determine each other. By interplay, they create the synthesis of art, which represents the different stages of a human’s life. Birth, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, old age and, finally, death.

Haus der Kunst,
WISP Festival Leipzig
Whitebox Gallery
Tech Days Munich

Concept & creative direction: Yves Peitzner
Visual design & concept: mayer+empl
Concept & music: Rick Rummler
Music: Manfred Reisser
Choreography: Dali Touiti
Dancers: Elodie Lavoignat, Anja Straubhaar, Mathias Schwarz

More information: Distorted Vanity Project