TUNNEL OF SENTIENT LIGHT | AI Driven Light Art Sculpture

AI driven Light Art Sculpture

“Tunnel of Sentient Light” is an AI light installation, paying homage to the influential light artist James Turrell. This interactive artwork, created in partnership with Feno Lights, explores the intersection of emotion, light, and technology. Utilizing a brain sensor integrated with an AI neural network, the installation captures and interprets the brainwave data of the observer, translating these into a cascade of colored lights. Each emotion detected—joy, sorrow, tranquility, aversion, and trepidation—is depicted through a specific color scheme, crafting a visual narrative of the viewer’s emotional journey.

Positioned within Feno Lights’ HQ, the installation not only showcases Yves Peitzner’s admiration for Turrell’s work but also functions as a reflective mirror of the observer’s inner world. As the audience themselves engage with Turrell’s art, their sensor-driven emotional response is immortalized in real-time, illuminating the adjacent light tunnel sculpture

The installation invites an interactive participation, democratizing the experience of art as clients of Feno Lights can engage with the system, seeing the hue of their emotions play out in real-time. “Tunnel of Sentient Light” is an ode to the legacy of Turrell while pushing the boundaries of artistic expression, offering a unique synthesis of human sentiment and the radiant language of light.


Artist: Yves Peitzner
Comissioned by Feno Light
Creative Technologist: Davide Santini
AI Computer Scientist: Maximilian Dauner
Photography: Florian Holzherr