SKY | Video Installation

48 Channel Video Installation for ANdAZ Munich Schwabinger Tor

In February 2019, the first Andaz-branded hotel in Germany opened in Munich, as a part of Schwabinger Tor real estate development. We were asked to create a large scale installation for the hotel lobby using the existing architecture.

The policy of the ANdAZ hotel group is that the hotel art must be created by local artists and have a connection to the city it is situated in. Additionally, our goal was to come up with a solution that offers a relaxed and meditative experience for the hotel guests, immersing them in a comfortable state of mind as they enter the lobby.

We installed 4 x 7m high and 1m wide video walls onto the structural columns of the lobby to create a focal point during the check-in experience. The content is the white and blue Munich sky, which is also referenced in the Bavarian national flag. We wanted the video columns to become a hyper-realistic window to the Munich sky. The footage was shot over a period one year, on the roof of the hotel, in time-lapse 12K 1:7 ratio.

Atelier Steffen Kehrle, Martin Heck (Timestorm Films),
Photos: Myrzik & Jarisch