INFINITE REFLECTIONS | Multimedia Jewelry Exhibition

Multimedia Jewelry Exhibition

INFINITE REFLECTIONS” is an engaging multimedia exhibition that traverses 5000 years of jewelry history, presented through a rare selection of ten unique pieces. Each item is showcased within its own custom-designed column vitrine, enhanced by an interactive lighting program to accentuate its distinctive features and craftsmanship.

Staged in an infinity mirror cladded exhibition space, each display is accompanied by educational voiceovers, offering a concise yet comprehensive history of each piece, from its creation to its cultural significance. The exhibition is further enriched by AI-generated visuals that provide a kaleidoscopic backdrop, reflecting the specific time era and cultural context of each jewelry item.

The blend of tangible artifacts and digital visuals offers a unique, immersive experience that bridges the gap between historical craftsmanship and contemporary technology.

“INFINITE REFLECTIONS” invited visitors to embark on a non-chronological journey, exploring the evolution of jewelry as an art form and a reflection of human civilization.


Inaugural Exhibition: Inhorgenta 2024
Curated by Swiss Gemmological Institute SSEF
Exhibition Concept: Yves Peitzner, Laurent Cartier
Creative Technologist: Davide Santini
Exhibition / Vitrine Column Design: Atelier Steffen Kehrle
Voice Over: Tanja Higgins
Photography: Wolfgang Stahl