RESONANCE | Interactive Audiovisual Installation

Interactive Sound and Visual Installation for The Tech Interactive Museum

Resonance is an interactive audio-visual experience that encourages people to engage in a dialogue with water, whilst creating an intimate atmosphere of contemplation. The installation comes fully to life when people interact with it. We used sound and color to immerse the museum visitors and invite them to explore the role that technology and human intervention might play in harmonizing our environment.

The visual layers of the installation consist of fragment shaders and are rendered in real-time, without post-production. People can interact with the water surface by moving their hand over a sensor. The multi-layered sound composition is generated from the image-analysis software. The analysis is also done in real-time, which means that the music is composed during a live interaction.

Created by: TISH
Commissioned by: the Tech Interactive Museum
Sound: KlingKlangKlong
Visual Code: Waltz Binaire
Project Management: FutureFires
Made possible with the generous support of: the Knight Foundation.
Tech partners & support: Plantronics & Leap Motion