Interactive Audiovisual Installation

UNpainted is a platform for digital art that creates a network between artists and art collectors. For their 2016 art fair they organized an event for media representatives, art curators, gallery owners, and influencers to promote the fair.

We were asked to create an immersive and interactive environment that celebrates digital art with a nod to traditional art.

We created a digital interpretation of analog art, based on the works of the pop art icon Andy Warhol. Within the space, the guests were immersed into projections of their digital selves, and dramatized as a repeating artwork on the walls. The projections also reacted to sound, and changed according to the music, which created a multi-sensory experience.

Created by: Studio TISH
Artistic development & code: mayer+empl
Music: Daniel Door
Technical endorsement: crushed eyes & mpw