Digital Art Series

This is our ongoing series „Timeless Spaces“ still work in progress. Below you find a small selection. More artworks available on foundation.app or upon request. An adaptation of the series has been exhibited at the Glow Festival in Shenzen, China.

A collaboration with Michael Askill.

Timeless Spaces mixes poetics, illusion, and common images to localize some of our most abstract self-concepts. It is an intense examination of the way in which outer spaces are connected to our inner lives, and the ways in which they operate on our imagination. Childhood plays a large part in this since it is the child who is most aware and engaged with the spaces of home, and also because childhood, poetry, memory and solitude are all part of the same imaginative continuum. For a child the house is a dreamscape: ‘The house we were born in is more than an embodiment of home, it is also an embodiment of dreams. Each one of its nooks and corners was a resting place for daydreaming…’ (Bachelard, The Poetics of Space)

With these pieces, reduced to color and sound, we studied the sites of our intimate lives. In the theater of the past that is constituted by memory, a home is our primary image – a microspaces within an image: corners, nests, drawers, cupboards, cellars, and attics all become a figure in this analysis of time, both past, present and future, as it relates to the memory of a childhood, of growing up in a home.

To read Timeless Spaces takes a great deal of patience and mental visualization. It uses color and sound as vehicles for cultivating, housing, holding, protecting, and accessing the imagination and the emotions tied to daydreaming. To hold and to be held thus, is to be cradled by sound and penetrated by color.

The viewer is invited to project themselves into every inviting window, nook and corner, and taste other lives – and remember their lives. Maybe, in the end, we are never quite where we are: we’re born to fluctuate between here and elsewhere. We ask the viewer to become motionless, to stand still and allow the color and sound to spill all over themselves. As soon as we become motionless, we are elsewhere; we are dreaming in a world that is immense.